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Sweaty Mommy Survival© is designed for moms with children 1-5 years of age. We create tools and toys to engage your little one in play-based educational activities alongside side you while you can do basic functional fitness moves. You’ll also receive planners that will guide you on suggested activities, supplies needed, and prompts to spark conversation with your kiddo about what he/she is experiencing.

Just imagine, one day your kiddo can be an explorer on a dino dig while you’re pretending to be at “base camp” fitting in a few sets of squats and leg raises. Then, the next day you can roll out your matching yoga mats and practice swinging your kettlebells for sets of time. Now doesn’t that sound like a win-win for you and your kiddo?


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Someone or something brought you here. Maybe it was a mom friend who recommended you check us out, a social post on Instagram that caught your attention, and a Google search for ways to create more quality time with your kiddo. WHATEVER the source of inspiration was, we are glad you are here! Check out all the ways to get involved below and see what fits you best!






Meet Ginger! The First Plush Kettlebell Toy for Preschoolers

The Kettlemate makes exercising with mom easier by encouraging kids ages 3-5 to mimic moms fitness moves and serves as a positive playmate.


Reviews are coming in!

Education experts, fitness gurus, and moms who have reviewed the Kettlemate prototype and/or components of the companion guide are sharing their reactions to what they have seen so far!

From Faith Connolly, Baltimore Education Research Consortium- website

Sweaty Mommy activities support the three SEL (social emotional learning) kindergarten readiness skills kindergarten teachers report as necessary:

  1. Follows directions,

  2. Takes turns and shares, and

  3. Pays attention.

Research has validated these skills as an essential foundation for social, behavioral, and academic. (Denham, S.A., & Burton, R. (2003). Social and emotional prevention and intervention programming for preschoolers. New York: Kluwer-Plenum.)

From Nicole Darabi, Nutritionist- website

Kids love to mimic everything we do as parents. When my daughter sees me being active, she wants to be active right along with me. I look at it this way- it’s my job to teach and help her build positive life long habits that will last through adulthood. The Kettlemate will help her started on making good choices in a fun, entertaining way.