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Meet Ginger! The First Plush Kettlebell Toy for Preschoolers

The Kettlemate makes exercising with mom easier by encouraging kids ages 3-5 to mimic moms fitness moves and serves as a positive playmate.



[link not functional until Wednesday]


Thank you for sharing in the excitement of this campaign! With your help in spreading the news, we can get the Kettlemate ™ in the hands of more kiddos to support moms who are struggling to stay active & to establish healthy habits before the age of 5!

How To get involved

Once the campaign is live, the Kickstarter campaign link will be simple to share! Examples include:

  • Post on Facebook or Instagram

  • Send link to moms in a direct message

  • Send link to gym owners & family-oriented businesses who might be interested in partnering

  • Host a Facebook live interview

  • Recommend me as a guest on a blog or podcast

Kickstarter Basics

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a global crowdfunding platform focused on helping bring creative projects to life. I chose this platform as my source for fundraising given it’s reputation and brand identity.

project launch date

Wednesday, May 8th

The project will close in 30 days.

Fundraising goal


I must reach this amount to receive any funding.

Kickstarter Sam & Lily.jpg

Primary goal

The primary goal of the campaign is to learn if moms are interested in this type of product for their child.

the timeline

May 8: Campaign begins! Family, Friends, VIPs will be first to receive news of the campaign so they can contribute & secure rewards. Social media posts and email blasts will be sent to all moms part of the Pump the Bump and Sweaty Mommy Survival communities.

May 12: Mother’s Day! A special thank you message will be sent in appreciation of all the moms who inspired this creation of the Kettlemate.

May 13-June 5: General public will be made aware of the campaign through influencer social posts, podcast interviews, social media interviews, etc.

June 6: Campaign ends

The rewards

I kept the reward options simple on purpose.

200 ONLY

$20 = 1 Kettlemate ™ & companion guide are intended to be a reduced cost reward available for friends, family & VIPs (and their friends)


$30 = 1 Kettlemate ™ & companion guide are for the general population

$500 = 10 Kettlemates ™ & companion guides for groups to use at fitness studios, play cafes, etc. Custom marketing materials will be included.

$5,000 = 1 Kettlmate ™ Cartoon Character that will be created in coordination with the donor

Share the story - sample messages & images

To save you time, I’ve prepared sample messages and images for social posts for you! SCROLL DOWN!

  • Messages- Just COPY & PASTE any of the message below

  • Images- Right click to “SAVE AS” or take a screenshot of any of the images below

  • “Projects/sweatymommysurvival” - is on the images to help people find the Kickstarter project

  • Remember to include the Kickstarter campaign link in your message!

Sample Posts on Facebook or Instagram

  • “I can’t wait to hand [your kiddo’s name] his/her own Kettlemate so he/she can mimic my fitness moves!” 

  • “I love my “me time” but I’m always looking for new ways to get [your kiddo’s name] involved. This Kettlemate is so cute and now we can have “we time” at home before or after my workouts.”

  • [tag multiple mom friends] “OMG Ginger! We need her in our #momsquad. We could get our kiddos together and fit in a workout!”

Sample Direct Messages to Individual Mom Friends

  • “I could totally see you swinging the Kettlemate with your kiddo! Check out this Kickstarter campaign by a mom I know!”

  • “This has your family written all over it! A mom I know just launched a Kickstarter campaign for this kids’ kettlebell called the Kettlemate. Check it out!”

  • “Can you imagine how much time this Kettlemate could save us from coming up with distractions during our workouts? Check out this Kickstarter campaign by a mom I know! The Kettlemate is so cute!”

Sample Direct Messages to Gym Owners, Play Cafe Owners, Mom-focused Fitness Groups

  • “Your clients would LOVE this! Wouldn’t it be a fun group activity for your moms and kids? Check out this Kickstarter Campaign by a mom I know!”

  • “Check out this Kickstarter Campaign! You’re always trying to think of new ways to encourage families to get active together and a mom I know has a similar mission. Her Kettlemate would be so fun for your families"!”

Recommend me as a guest on a blog or podcast

  • “I know you’re always looking for new content. Look at this really exciting Kickstarter campaign by a mom friend that I bet your audience would be interested in hearing about. It’s such a creative way to get moms and kids active together!”

  • “YOUR AUDIENCE WOULD LOVE THIS! Check out this Kickstarter campaign for the Kettlemate by a mom friend. The backstory on how she came up with this is similar to other stories you’ve covered.”



I sincerely appreciate you believing in this mission & helping me reach more moms! I COULD NOT DO THIS ALONE! Together, we are going help more moms feel stronger in what they are capable of physically & in what they are capable as a parent. We are helping more moms bond with their little ones through guided activities that encourage movement, breathing, healthy eating, routines, self-care, an optimistic mindset, etc. We are starting something truly special here & I am grateful you are in this with me! XO Erin