The Sweaty Mommy Survival Mom Squad is here to help you flex some mad motherhood skills!

We understand that being a mom to kiddos ages 1-5 (especially if you have multiples in that age range) requires a level of strength and flexibility not required when caring for a newborn and certainly not ANYTHING you learned during your single lady life.

We are moms who have been there. We got your back because we are:

  • your cheerleaders, your supporters, and your confidants.

  • the ones you reach out to when you need a high-five, a release of what worries you, and a gut check on your instincts.

  • the extension of your hometown village of family and gal pals who are there for you in your best times and your worst.

  • unfamiliar with all the details of your personal business and we don’t judge your parenting choices.

  • a squad of mamas trying to our best 24/7 and don’t want to do it alone.


Still not sure if you need a squad?

Let’s take the Mom Squad Quiz

Read the following statements from Mom Squad Members.
Write down TRUE or FALSE if you’ve had the same thought.

1. “I would like my body to be physically stronger but I can’t find the alone time to get into a workout routine at the gym or at home.”

2. “I would like my body to be physically stronger but I can’t find the alone time to get into a workout routine at the gym or at home.”

3. “My friends and family tell me the post-baby body is something that comes with motherhood but I just don’t want to feel tired all the time like they do.”

4. “I don’t want to put my child in front of a screen all the time, but I don’t know other quite activities he/she can do on their own so I can have a few minutes to breathe.”

5. “I wish I had someone to share my frustrations with that I don’t have to also face at home, work, school, church, etc.”

6. “I believe I’m a good mom, but I need to hear someone say it to me more often.”

7. “I wish I knew how other moms get over the same issues I worry about without having to be scared by a Google search.”

8. “I would like to hear from moms who are different than me so I can have more adult conversation and understand new perspectives.”

If you can relate to 2 or more of these thoughts…
then the Sweaty Mommy Survival Squad is for you!


MOM SQUAD 30 Day Learn & Burn


Make a pledge to yourself to build strength as a mom while you bond as a family!

Download a printable with exercise plans and functional fitness moves that you can do at home, a park, or any open space. PLUS receive ideas for sensory activities children ages 1-5 can do either alongside you during your exercise sessions or anytime at home.


Coming Soon!

We will host a series of one-time virtual and in-person sessions where you can “come as you are” with kiddos included.

We will host virtual play dates, expert talks, and special topic meet ups that you can do from your own home or with a group of mom friends.

Have a topic you’d be interested in? Send us all your ideas to


Are you an owner or manager of a fitness studio, play cafe, care service, or daycare? Let’s start the conversation on how we can help you bring in something new to your programming schedule.

We want to help enhance the mom squad that already exists in your community and offer unique ways for moms and kids to be active together!

Contact us at to talk about your unique mom community and how we can help you strengthen your squad.