The story of how 1 social media collaboration between 2 moms who live 1,000+ miles apart sparked a movement of creating a squad of moms who want to burn while their kids learn!


The concept of Sweaty Mommy Survival came about in 2017 after the founder of Pump the Bump, Erin Galloway, had dozens of mamas in her Instagram social community sharing story after story of struggling to stay active after their first child.

The resounding themes were lack of motivation or energy or time constraint. Women would feel defeated not having the energy to get the jogging strollers out after 2-3 months of inactivity. We get it, we’ve been there. Motivation is hard for those 6AM workouts after being up all night with a teething toddler. Words like "embarrassed", "shameful", and "guilty" were commonly used to describe what these mamas were feeling not being able to workout like they used to. Posts with these themes were infrequent at first but then the direct messages began flooding in.

At the same time, dozens of mamas in the community were also having their second child and disclosing their daunting attempts for "me time". Erin realized a need for a transparent shift in how we talked about self-care during motherhood. She started to realize that mamas deserved a new type of support. Mothers need more than "fitting in fitness" routines while doing house chores or while kiddos are watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Erin could empathize with these mamas because she had a 4-year-old daughter at home and couldn't get in a home workout without endless interruptions. She was an exhausted full-time working, part-time single mama that could barely hold a one minute plank.

Erin tested countless names for the new community, but the words "sweaty" and "survival" resonated with everyone. Moms are often trying to survive the day until bedtime and find themselves perspiring even when lugging grocery bags and babies from the car into the kitchen. Almost EVERY MOMENT in a mama's life can get us sweaty because we are CONSTANTLY using our core strength and our mama bear instincts to survive!

That realization is when the vision for the Sweaty Mommy Survival community was crystal clear!

At the same time, thousands of miles away Angela Smith was evolving her community Run Like Kale and taking them along on her journey of figuring out how to get in a home workout with a then baby, now rambunctious toddler. She turned to her education background and started creating sensory and other play-based learning activities for her son to keep him entertained while she got her workout in at home.

Her audience loved seeing these ideas and started using them as well in their own homes to get in a workout or sometimes to just get dinner made. The feedback was always of enthusiasm and wanting to know more.

These two mamas realized they had an alignment that wouldn't have been discovered without the power of social media. They began to collaborate through FaceTime, Voxer, and text messaging. They spent time drafting documents and activity guides through Google Docs. All of this was done as a labor of love and as a side-hustle because they wanted to impact mamas who were suffering. Was it mentioned that they live in different time zones!?! Through all the obstacles that would lead others to quit, they remained persistent and focused! With that, they have created something incredibly special.

The intention of Sweaty Mommy Survival is to provide support to mamas from pregnancy through parenthood. We offer a safe, social space for women with children ages 5 and under. It is a community focused on health and wellness for the whole family!

You know them... MOMS JUST LIKE YOU!

With a quick look online, moms can find an article here, or an activity there, and the suggestion to sign up for child development milestone lists intended to be a happy daily dose of parenting advice, inspiration and encouragement to your inbox. Then along with all the advice for your kiddo, there are countless tips for how moms can “get your body back” and social accounts with altered transformation photos giving fitness advice. For a new mom, it can feel overwhelming, discouraging, and depressing.

PLUS, how many Pinterest or Facebook craft ideas have you saved that you know you'll never execute? With Sweaty Mommy Survival, we are pulling it all together in one place.


This online space is one for you to learn, grow, ask questions and build connections with other like-minded, unstoppable ladies. This tribe will be here to support you along with certified trainers, health and wellness experts, and other leaders in their field. We are here to equip you with the tools you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your children throughout all the stages of parenthood.

This community is a place for you. To belong. To feel supported. To get you feeling your best. It’s all for you and your family.


“Every mother has a history of resiliency that should be told.”

Meet Erin Galloway
Founder of Pump the Bump, Sweaty Mommy Survival & Raising Resilient Moms

I'm a community builder, early childhood enthusiast, and endless investigator of unique ways to maximize life's teachable moments for children. I received my bachelor's and master's degrees in Human Development and Family Science from The Ohio State University. After graduation, spent almost 20 years at The Ohio State University and Johns Hopkins University directly serving urban neighborhoods by rebuilding underserved schools and community amenities so more families could thrive. I worked closely with low-income mothers seeking higher quality childcare and safer home environments so their children could have a future out of poverty. Raising resilient children always has and will always be my passion.

I have never met a cup of black coffee I don't like or a donut that I won't savor at least one bite. I also am a sponge for short stories and talking strangers. Thanks to my mother, she bought every edition of Chicken Soup for Soul printed in the 90s and showed me how every store clerk, blue-collar worker, and homeless person is worthy of kindness and time for conversation.

Perseverance as my superpower. It propels me to keep trying the scary things and implementing new concepts into my life whenever I have the chance. I am ALWAYS asking questions and all those years asking "why?" as a curious kiddo led me who and where I am today! I mean... what bold question would you ask if you had the platform to ask it?


“I love showing mamas that it is possible to work out with a toddler as your trainer.”

Meet Angela Smith
Founder of Run Like Kale

I am a mom to an energetic toddler with a new baby on the way. As a former elementary teacher, I have a passion for early childhood education and to see kids thrive at every level. As one who grew up running races with my family the first and last Saturday of every month since age 8, living a healthy active lifestyle is something I cannot outrun. I’ve experienced first hand how nutrition and fitness can shape your life, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

As an avid runner, former elementary teacher, and home-based workout enthusiast, I enjoy testing out new ways of combining my passion for fitness, motherhood, and play-based learning. I am someone who loves to continually learn new things and don’t believe that pregnancy or motherhood should have to hold you back from growing and chasing your dreams. Since becoming pregnant with G, I have learned to sail a boat, fly a plane, become a running coach, get certified as a yoga instructor, and teach HIIT classes throughout my first pregnancy. Now with this second pregnancy, I am working on getting my Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist credits and building this awesome business. I don’t sit still well, and I don’t want to. The world around me is constantly changing and moving forward, and I am always trying to grow and be a better me than I was yesterday.

Like you, I’m just trying to navigate this crazy, fun, scary, hilarious, uncharted mom territory while keeping a tiny human alive one cup of black coffee at a time. And I want to take you along on my unfiltered journey.