You Are Your #1 Priority

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Say it out loud with me… “I am my #1 priority.”

Say it again loud enough for your spouse, partner, or kiddo(s) to hear you! If they give you strange looks or laugh, encourage them to say it for themselves. “I am my #1 priority.”

Seeing is believing, so go ahead and post the saying up on a mirror or near the main door. Remind everyone in the house to say it every single day to themselves or out loud.

Because you and each member of your family should make themselves their #1 priority.

Making yourself a priority, if it comes with good intentions, is not about being selfish or disrespectful. When we really think about it, making yourself a priority is actually one of the most basic forms of respect.

It is about taking care of yourselves individually to make the collective healthier- today and DECADES from now.

Believing you are your #1 priority is critical to maintaining a optimistic mindset as it relates to your fitness journey. This belief will guide your decision-making, your values, and your voice. It will also impact your ability to set healthy boundaries and prioritize how you spend your energy.

First, you have to believe it yourself.

Then, you invite your family to believe it too.

When it comes to your kiddos, hearing the words isn’t enough to help them understand why they should adopt a similar mindset.

The invitation can’t be verbal alone and it’s not one and done. The conversation will need to be repeated before the “ah-ha moment” happens.

They need to SEE you practice making yourself a priority so they have a model for what it looks like! The words alone won’t result in a deep connection for them. Their minds, especially young children, aren’t developed enough to be capable of adopting the perspective on a verbal conversation alone.

You have to show your kiddo(s) that you walk the walk- repeatedly!

If you are an avid runner or home workout enthusiast, you are already showing them how you make yourself a priority! But if your longer workouts don’t involve your kiddo(s) in the experience, or it’s too difficult to have conversation with them at the same time, there are other ways to model this in your own home WITH them.

  • Incorporate the 3 Power Posture Moves into your daily routine so they see you take 3 minutes a day to focus on your physical health and begin to understand how progress is made after repeating the same moves overtime.

  • Before bed, ask everyone to answer “What is one way you made yourself a priority today?”. This gives everyone a chance to define priority in their own way and helps kids make a connection to how small decisions can have a bigger purpose.

  • Make up a silly family song that everyone sings. It may seem ridiculous but often the silliest of ideas are the ones that catch on the most- especially when young kids have input on the song words and ownership in the process.