3 minutes to a Power Posture

Take a second to check out your current posture.

  • Is your head leaning forward?

  • Are your shoulders rounded?

  • Is your back curved?

  • Are your knees bent?

  • Are your feet crossed?

Odds are high, you answered yes to more than half of these questions. You my friend are not currently in a good posture position. Full disclosure, I wasn’t either when I started writing this post.

We aren’t bad people for having bad posture. Allowing our bodies and our minds to lounge in whatever position it naturally falls into can be freeing.

But here’s the thing, we both could be fitting in a workout while simply reading (or writing in my case) this blog post.

Maintaining a good posture is one of the most overlooked forms of fitness.

Posture is simply the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. It takes conscious effort but it doesn’t require a single change in your schedule.

Good posture is a free boost to your body and your body confidence! You know the difference when you walk into a room with your shoulders back and your spine aligned. When you carry yourself like that you can feel the higher vibe you’re giving off and notice a different response from those around you.

A strong posture is also critical to maintaining safety and balance during all forms of fitness and it helps reduces stress and injury across all ages. It’s a multi-generational approach to fitness for the whole family- grandparents included!

All you need to get started is 3 minutes. I’m confident you got 3 minutes- especially if you’ve already adopted the mindset that “You are your #1 priority”!

I highly recommend you chose a time of day when your kiddo(s) can see you practicing these moves. More on why at the bottom of this post.

Here are 3 power posture moves you can do ANYWHERE in 3 just minutes

NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED! All you need is a flat wall surface and a flat floor surface. These power moves use your own body as all the resistance you’ll need!

The goal is to focus on posture and breathing. Having a POWERFUL POSTURE requires minimal movement but maximum effort.

Hold each position below for 1 minute.

Use a timer so you can stay focused on body positioning and breathing pace. Start the timer once you are comfortable in each position and hold the position for 60 seconds. Once the 60 seconds are up, give yourself a 15-30 second break to switch positions for the next move and start the timer again. Repeat for each position.

Remember, DO NOT PUSH THROUGH PAIN. This is a chance to demonstrate the difference between pain and discomfort for your kiddo(s). If you’re not feeling comfortable holding the position for 1 minute, simply release and restart as needed. IT’S OKAY! You will improve overtime, so stay as slow as you need to be safe.

#1 Power Posture Move: Wall Sit


  • Stand with your back pressed flat up against a wall.

  • Slide down to a squat position by moving your feet forward until your knees make a 90-degree angle.

  • Make sure your back is flat against the wall and your feet are firmly flat on the floor.

  • Hold the position for 1 minute.

#2 Power Posture Move: high Plank


  • Begin on all fours with your wrists directly underneath your shoulders and hands facing forward so that your arms are parallel.

  • Leave your arms in position and extend your legs out behind you one at a time resting your toes on the floor. Your body should form one straight line from your shoulders to your heels.

  • Squeeze your entire core, your glutes, and your quads, and tuck your butt under a little to keep your lower back straight. Make sure you are not dropping your hips or hiking your butt up high toward the ceiling.

  • Position your head so that your neck is in a neutral position and your gaze is on your hands.

  • Hold this position for 1 minute.

  • MODIFICATIONS- If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or feel uncomfortable putting pressure on your wrists, drop your knees to the ground or drop your forearms to the ground as needed. Keeping your spine aligned and your core engaged is still possible in both of those modifications. If you are pregnant, elevated planks with hands on the edge of a couch or a side plank with one forearm on the floor and body facing forward are equally engaging.

#3 Power Posture Move: WALL PRESS

  • Sit on the floor with your legs completely straight in front of you and toes pointed up.

  • Ensure that your lower back, spine, and shoulder blades are completely pressed up against the wall. You should not be able to slip a hand between the wall and any part of your back. Especially at first, it may take multiple attempts to align your back properly and simply holding the position of your entire back against the wall for 1 minute can be a great place to start.

  • Move your arms at a 90 degree angle against the wall with your elbows facing the floor and palms facing ahead of you. All parts of the back of your arm should be against the wall.

  • Slide your arms up against the wall to a “touchdown position” and slide back down to the 90 degree angle. Keep your elbows and your wrists pressed up against the wall the entire time as you go up and down. The reps should be slow and focused.

  • MODIFICATIONS- Lay flat on the floor or stand tall with your heels tightly pressed against the wall and move your arms in the same way as describes above.

Practice these 3 moves each day and you’re on your way to a more powerful posture mama.

The key is to stay consistent so you make this a routine you enjoy and your kiddo sees the value of prioritizing your health.

While these 3 minutes can be a game-changer physically, the outcomes can also make you feel even more powerful mentally. They contribute to maintaining an optimistic mindset by:

  • giving you a quick reminder of what you’re capable of,

  • offering a way to see progress in your posture as you feel a change over time,

  • providing an opportunity to do better the next time as you repeat the same moves, and

  • engaging you kiddo(s) in the process so they also learn new skills by watching you or doing the moves with you.

What’s also exciting about these moves is that the variations are endless!

  • You can repeat and/or separate the moves throughout the day.

  • You can fit these moves in during bath time, at a park, at a kids sports practice, etc. since no equipment is required.

  • You can even do them with your kiddo(s) and track your progress together

  • You can even do these moves with mom friends before grabbing a coffee (or the wine)

Okay, I’m also going to show you my #4 power move. I have a secret move I do to take command of my emotions before I tackle a tough conversation or make an important decision!

#4 Power Posture Move: Superhero Stance

This position is certainly not technical but dang it’s got some power!

[insert picture]

Don’t forget to take pictures of your progress mama! You’ll be surprised how these 3 moves will give you more body confidence in less time than you may think.

Share your success with mom friends and rally them to join you by posting on social! Use #sweatymommysurvival and tag us in your photo so we know you’ve joined the 3 Minute Power Posture challenge!