Fitness Gains Moms Need Most


Fitness gains is code for what you’ve “gained” by making improvements in your diet, your physical strength, or your routine. They serve as indicators of progress on goals and signs you’re on track.

For all of you mamas who are former or current athletes or competitive body builders, this phrase is probably already part of your lingo.

But for all the mamas who are unfamiliar with the phrase, the easiest way to think about it is to consider all the fitness apps and online trackers helping us show progress as:

  • how many more miles we ran or reps we did,

  • how much heavier are the weights we lifted, or

  • how many fewer calories we consumed in fats or sweets.

The intent is focus on measurable goals you can easily count or quantify over time.

While those fitness gains have there place, what about the changes that relate to improving our QUALITY OF LIFE? Can’t fitness gains also capture progress of relatable changes in the everyday lifestyle of moms.

Mama, if tracking the type of fitness gains described above is leaving you frustrated and defeated then PRESS PAUSE. Let’s give your mind and your body a reboot.

EVERY MOM should experience the joy of maintaining or improving her health!

Release yourself from the pressure of discovering the best form of fitness that works for your body type, your schedule, and your pocketbook. You may be juggling so many responsibilities that the stress alone is actually causing you to feel bloated and gain weight.

Timing is everything and the type of fitness you may need most right now is no form of structured fitness routine at all.

Give yourself permission to feel prideful in fitness gains that improved the daily quality of life for you and your family!

Sweaty Mommy Survival is here to applaud you if you went from:

  • feeling winded walking up the flight of stairs to walking up the stairs carrying a baby and a laundry basket with ease- THAT’S A FITNESS GAIN!

  • sitting on the park bench watching your kiddos play to walking circles around the playground space for 30 minutes- THAT’S A FITNESS GAIN!

  • carrying a child that feels like a dead weight around an amusement park from 5 minutes to carrying the child for 15 minutes- THAT’S A FITNESS GAIN!

  • dancing in your living room with your kiddo(s) full energy from 1 song to dancing through 3 songs- - THAT’S A FITNESS GAIN!

Own that kind of progress mama!

Each one of those gains is important over the long-term for your heart, your posture, and your sense of self-worth.

They are also real world examples your kiddo can experience first hand that show clearly why making your health a priority matters.

From this point forward, we’re referring to our progress as “mommy gains”.

We’ll continue to dive into mommy gains like the ones listed above along with other gains like:

  • improving your posture,

  • incorporating activities that get everybody moving while on vacation, and

  • following family fitness pacts.

We’re going to help you fall in love with fitness in a whole new way!